Where are the best places to visit in Bern, Switzerland?

Published: 02nd February 2009
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If you are looking for a more promising spot to surround yourself with spectacular scenery, then Switzerland is definitely the place to be. It is modern Europe at its best and of all its cities; Bern is one of the most charming of places. It's a tiny city with approximately 130,000 inhabitants and it has a lot to offer the traveler.

When you enter Bern, you will notice its breathtaking medieval street plan that is now a haven for arcades, street fountains and doughty towers. One of the best places to visit is the Bern's Clock Towers, and with the help of a guided tour, you will get to witness the moving parts of the complex astronomical calendar clock. You should take a look at the historic Bear Pit which is a reminder of how the city was named. Another highlight is the City of fountains which dates back to the 16th century and still has its original statues still intact. Other attractions include the Rose Garden overlooking the city; it has more than 200 different types of roses, the Munster Cathedral which embodies a late Gothic architecture, and the Albert Einstein museum.

Bern is centrally located so visitors can go on day trips to the Alps, Lake Geneva or Zurich. The city has a wide range of accommodations for the traveler, hotels from one-star, bed and breakfasts and even a youth hostel can be found in abundance. There are extremely affordable quarters and if money is no object, you can experience luxurious high-class hotels Bern has to offer. One of the famous, 4 star and high-profile accommodations is the Savoy. It's the ideal hotel for those who enjoy sight seeing on foot plus all the best places to see are located near to the hotel. The best appeal about this hotel is that children under the age of 12 can get to stay for free and pets are allowed. There is a family oriented hotel named Astoris famed for its welcoming atmosphere, same amenities of the Savoy with restaurants that have a bar within the walls. For the budget minded type there is always the Backpackers Hotel among many other suitable hotels.

Bern's nightlife is a plus; it's surprisingly vibrant with live music (classical and contemporary), dance nights, theatre, opera and film. Don't worry about missing out on the good stuff as there are posters all over town that advertise events as well as newspapers that have complete city nightlife listings. Other more exciting places to visit are the Casinoplatz, the Helvetiaplatz museums, an Ogre fountain that shows a man devouring a struggling baby, and the French Church with its beautiful interior. You can enjoy a guided tour in the Bundeshaus (a Federal Assembly building) which takes you through the various chambers, decorated with coats of arms, statues and paintings. To the hill of Gurten there's a kid's play-area, a lavish castle and countryside laced with hiking trials and during the winter you can sky down the snowy slopes.

If you visit during the month of May, you can experience the Bern Grand Prix, it draws crowds on an international level every year. The world famous Bern Grand Prix is more than just another race, it's a prestigious rush of adrenaline where drivers from all over come to compete. The event is a city wide occasion as excitement can be filled throughout the city as shops and markets promote the Grandprix.

The best time to visit is during the summer as you can enjoy the view of the city from a river raft (for the more adventurer type), bus tours or various boat trips on the river. Visit Bern and reveal the hidden mysteries of this majestic land.

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